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These days, you see the slogan a lot: “Better together than alone.”  I look back at my life and realize how blessed I have been to have had the parents, family, teachers, coaches, friends who have had a significant impact on my journey. They poured life into me. They inspired me to become more than what I thought or imagined. They taught me life lessons that have carried me through some of life’s most challenging circumstances.

You see, I believe life is best lived within the context of community. As a matter of fact, I believe God does some of his greatest work in communities. I often think of “the Parable of the “Paralytic Man.” It took a community of four men to pick up the paralyzed man from his mat, cut an opening on the top of a thatched roof, and lower him down into the presence of the One Who could restore not only his body but also his soul.

The same is true for us. Connecting with one another brings about Life!  When we take time to reconnect within the context of Community, God shows up! Faith is infused, Hope is restored and Love transforms.

I would love to have the opportunity to connect with you and your community. If you would like me to speak at your event, campus, church or conference feel free to contact me


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